I Make Emily Henderson Cry…or do I?

Dear Emily,

A couple months ago you some how came across my blog and read an I Make Emily Henderson Cry post. I about fell out of my chair when you wrote on my Facebook page. I do hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Since watching Secrets From A Stylist (please bring it back, I need you in my living room…but not in a creepy kinda way), I’ve learned so much about my style and how to create vignettes. I still haven’t mastered the art of mixing and matching pillows, but I swear I’m practicing.

Reading your blog and watching your videos…girl, you are a wealth of knowledge that people like me value, adore, and cherish. It’s like you’ve created your very own little army of eclectic style mixing wanna be designers. Because of you, I had the confidence to start this master bedroom makeover and know it would wind up magazine worthy. And for that, I thank you. So if you’re reading this, I hope you see how you’ve inspired me. From velvet navy headboards to brass sconces to mix and matched furniture. Mid-Century Modern with a little bit of granny as you call it. Wipe those sweet salty tears of sadness away and come out from hiding in the closet because girl, I’m about to blow your mind…I hope, fingers crossed.

There’s been some chatter…mostly started by myself…of a super secret amazingly stupendous master bedroom makeover project. Yep, it was on track for a very cool feature in a very cool magazine, but, weird shit happens sometimes and whomp, whomp, whomp, I think that game is over. It’s okay though, I’m over it…not really. Insert laughing so hard I’m crying emojis here. I still have what will soon be one dreamy little spot to lay my pretty head. That is, pending a gorgeous rug’s arrival from India, a painter who has been perpetually busy and a DIY. Note to self, stop slamming the painter get on that DIY already. Oh, and some wall art above my bed.

Because the space is not finalized (the main feature is the rug), this post is not a complete reveal (sad face), but I promise to share more then just a one picture sneak peek. I’ll also be sharing with you how everything came together, and who helped me make my master bedroom makeover happen.

Master Bedroom Makeover Mid-Century Modern


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I Make Emily Henderson Cry

Yep, it’s that time again. Time to show you how the imperfect nooks of disaster in my home make Emily Henderson cry tears of sadness. Today I’m going to feature my guest bedroom dresser. You may remember seeing a picture of it on my to-do list post (and yes, I’m still hacking away at that sucka). This nook is still a work in progress as are most nooks in my home, but let’s just have a gander, shall we?

Gasp. Oh sweet kitten, I would not be surprised if you just fell to the floor in sheer and utter disappointment. Quick, someone help Emily up before she wrinkles that adorable floral pullover! Plus, it might make Charlie cry to see her in such a state. And no one wants to make a baby cry.

Guest Bedroom Dresser Makeover

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mantle styling — before and after

mantle styling before

this mantle makes emily henderson cry…seriously, it does. it needed a makeover…badly. one of the best features in a home might just be the fireplace and mine was embarrassing. to say the least it was not the fireplace of my dreams. in fact, a large part of me wanted to take a sledge hammer to it. but rather to take things to such extremes (mainly because we have been living in construction zone central for almost 3 years), i chose to dip my toes in the mantle makeover. to keep it quick, clean and easy, i decided to keep the ugly molding and even uglier marble and gave it a simple facelift. (the boy and i discussed painting it white, but since all of our trim was medium wood, we thought it might look weird.)

i’ve tried to place things i love over it to mask it’s ugliness. one of my favorite pieces is the max wanger “tulum” photo. i purchased it two years ago before it made a giant splash in the interior design scene. i thought i had nailed it until i saw my girl crush, emily henderson, frame it in white about 6 months later. my heart sunk…IT LOOKS SOOOOO MUCH BETTER! i also loved the turquoise tea lights from jayson home and garden. they tie in the ocean colors just perfectly! they were to stay.

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