Free New Year’s Party Invitations

Hello my friends! It’s Day 5! We promised more and today we have more! Free New Year’s party invitation you can download for your very own Wildwood Speakeasy New Year’s Eve theme party! So what do you guys think of this shindig so far? Is one of my readers going to host this puppy? I better be getting one of these invites in the mail. I’ll be there with bells on cuz I’m crushing on this bash hard. Seriously, everything is just too amazing! As each post goes by it just keeps getting better and better! Well, let’s get to the goods here, shall we?

Free Speakeasy New Year's Party Invitations


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Wildwood Speakeasy New Year’s Party

Today my blogger besties over at Avery Street Design and The Big Reveal bring you the Wildwood Speakeasy New Year’s Eve theme party tailored just for you! That’s right, today and every day for the rest of the week, we are going to give you everything you need to make this theme party happen in your home. Free invitations to download, home decor, backdrops for a photobooths, specialty cocktail recipes, EVERYTHING! The key is, you have to visit all 3 blogs to get everything you need. One of us will have the post while the other two will post the feature photo and direct you to whoever is posting that day. Am I even making sense? OK, let’s make this easy, just stop back here every day, and I’ll direct you like one of those dudes at the airport with the fancy orange sticks, as to whose blog you want to visit for the deets that particular day.

So what is the Wildwood Speakeasy? Here’s a little background. A couple months ago, Laura and Grace asked me to join them on a quest. A quest to win free tickets to the Alt Summit blogger conference in Salt Lake City. We created a mood board for an uber cool mini party. Long story short, we didn’t win (however, we are still going…yep, that’s right, so exciting!), but we really wanted to follow through on our concept, and we wanted to share it with you, our sweet readers.

Wildwood Speakeasy New Years Party


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Giveaway + #artbreak from Plumb

Everyone has 5 minutes a day to take a break. Even the busiest of people. A little time to find some stillness. Quiet the mind. A little time to relax. To calm your mind and body. And to help you with that, Plumb and House Of Hipsters thinks everyone should take five minutes a day for an #artbreak. Just 5 minutes, you, a pencil and some paper. Can you handle it?

Plumb Goods and Giveaway


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freebies — printables

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like free stuff, do you? Well, House of Hipsters decided to design a few printable quotes especially for you my little kittens! A couple lovely little 5 X 7s with a few of our favorite quotes for you to do with as you wish.

All you have to do is:
1. Pick which quote you like (or pick them all because they’re awesome).
2. Click on the link below to download (or on the quote itself because I like to make things easy on ya!).
3. Right click with your mouse to save the image to your desktop or downloads folder.
4. I made them 5 X 7 and gave you crop marks.
5. Print at 100% on 8-1/2″ X 11″ (for best results, take them to FedEx Kinkos and have them print them for you).
6. Use a ruler and an X-ACTO to trim along crop marks.
7. Pin to bulletin board, mail them as a postcard, or if you’re extra fancy, place one in a frame.
8. Easy peasy. Enjoy!

Which one is your favorite? Do you have a favorite quote? Let us know, maybe we’ll design it!


Shake It Off Free Printable Quote

someone was listening to some Taylor Swift today I think

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