Decorist Bedroom Design Project – Before & After Part 3

If you’ve been watching my Instagram, you’ve probably seen a couple sneak peeks of the guest bedroom design project. I moved towards a look that was out of my comfort zone. Right before teaming up with Decorist, I noticed I was obsessing over white and neutral spaces.  Pinning them like I was on fire. Maybe it was because I was also on color overload while redecorating the master bedroom in navy and pink? I don’t know, but flipped the switch, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. Decorist hooked me up with Ashley Redmond, interior designer extraordinaire. I was psyched!

Decorist Design Project. Before and After guest bedroom reveal. Wicker tray from West Elm filled with white fluffy towels. sits on a handira wedding blanket, welcoming guest for their overnight stay. Sheepskin pillow from Chairish.


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Visiting Unison Home Store in Chicago

Some of you already know, but I have 99 problems and pillows might be #1. Just call me Aunt Fossi with the coordination of a T-Rex, dancing drunk on the table with hot pink lipstick…read the old post, I swear it’ll make sense.

Visiting Unison home store in Chicago, IL looking for pillows for my living room. Photo by Laura Rose Davis from Everyday Charming

Anyhoo, back to pillows…mixing all the patterns, colors, shapes, sizes… Frankly it baffles me. Well the gals over at Unison home store heard my pleas for help after reading one of my latest, “I Make Emily Henderson Cry” posts. They sent me a sweet email saying they’d love to help me out and asked if I could stop over. Are you kidding? I’ll be there in 5! TAXI!!!!! Thank gawd for these people! Virtual hugs all around.


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Furbish Studio Home Decor

Some say you can’t buy good taste, but Furbish Studio is here to change all that. As the mecca for trendsetters, Furbish Studio carefully curates eclectic treasures for your home decor needs. I was recently poking around for some woven baskets adorned with colorful pom poms by California artist Eliza Gran. Boom! There they were. And although they are presently sold out, I’m on the list to be notified when back in stock. (I thought one would look super cute in Little Maus’s room.)

Furbish Studio Pom Pom Baskets



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pretty little things — styling and decor

hello lovelies! it’s really late tonight, and i just can’t sleep…the boy is traveling on business which means momma bird stays up all night long making sure no masked bandits get in the house…i know, it’s super silly, but i have this fear that if i close my eyes, something horrible will happen, and i will sleep thru the entire ordeal. thank gawd the boy rarely travels, or i’d be walking around with bags under my eyes. but lucky for you, i’m bright eyed and bushy tailed…ready to share with you a new edition of pretty little things.

this time around, i decided to include a few things that i actually own…a select few of my most priced possessions. since i recently shared my most embarrassing to do list, i figured i needed to redeem some of my cool factor. i should also tell you, i have knocked out quite a few items off that list and this little momma is feeling quite proud herself . i think writing it down and publishing it for the world to read helped motivate me, and i can’t wait to share more of the happenings around the house…but until then, check out what’s in store for you today!

pretty little thingsbrass lotus lamp and white tulip saarinen round dining tablechesterfield green velvet sofa and caravan pacific lamp

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inspiring spaces + places

errmergerrrrrd you guys! i’ve gone pinterest crazy with all these inspiring spaces i can’t even stand it! i’m out of my funk and in full on design mode…seriously, i think the UPS guy is having flashbacks to the first 10 months after we moved in, and my husband is about to have a heart attack with the copious amounts of cardboard boxes that are marching through the front door…but we are making progress people! just step aside and put the boxes next to those boxes!

each one of the photos below spoke to me in some way shape or form over the last couple of weeks. whether it be rugs, navy or turquoise, wooden boxes, the fig tree…i think i’ve incorporated (or will be incorporating) a snippet or element from each room in the house. i mean, things are cookin’ over here. i swear i want to take a month off from my real job and just focus on this creativity.

but back to the spaces below…if you guys thought the last inspiring spaces + places was a good one, just wait because i’m going to kill it with this one. i hope you guys find them as inspiring as i do…oh and hey, have a great weekend! do you have anything amazing planned? i’ll probably be moving things around in the house…LOL! and according to FedEx, the rug i just ordered should be arriving saturday…woot! woot! can’t wait to show you!

inspiring spaces and placesinspiring spaces and placesmore after the jump

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