Cristha Fuentes and Her Pink Oxfords at UTZ market

One day while scrolling through the #ihavethisthingwithpink community, I came across an Instagram capture of the most magnificent pair of shoes. Not just any pair of shoes mind you, but a pair of leather pink oxfords. Clutch the pearls and be still my heart. Somebody fan me and give me my credit card ASAP!!!!! I need these in suckers my life. I was crushing hard and my little ticker was just a beating. Mission “Must Find These Shoes” was in full effect.

Immediately I tapped the image looking for tags. Nothing. I started Googling pink oxfords. Hmmm, broaden the search for pink shoes…ya no, only heels popped up…I wanted oxfords…pretty pink oxfords. I couldn’t believe it, I was coming up empty handed. Not being one to give up easily, and after a bit more frantic stalking searching, I finally found the designer and maker — Cristha Fuentes. I immediately stalked her on Facebook emailed her and begged her politely asked where I could buy a pair for myself.

Pink Oxfords by Cristha Fuentes and available at UTZ Market. Click to find where to buy. Via House Of Hipsters


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