Makers & Shakers — Explorer Coffee Roasting Adventure with Lodge Coffee Roasters

I have some really amazing, incredibly talented friends. Some are makers; some are shakers. So I’m getting up close and personal with them here on the blog, and giving you an introduction to someone who I think is pretty damn awesome. Someone I think you should know too.

Lodge Coffee Roasters Explorer Coffee Roasting Adventure. Jayson Moyer gets up close and personal talking about his coffee roasting process and where his passion stems from.

Today I’m featuring Jayson Moyer, the Owner of Lodge Coffee Roasters. Enjoying a cup of his coffee is a pure sensory experience. In the past, the norm for me was a bitter taste that would burn my stomach. It never really tasted awesome, I just drank it out of necessity to wake up. A morning jolt. I’m going to be real blunt here, Lodge Coffee Roasters has the best damn cuppa jo I’ve ever had in my life, and The Boy concurs. He is a coffee connoisseur and has been known to have his Oma or mother ship a special Belgian coffee in from Europe. He’s a snarky, snarky coffee snob. If he says it’s good, trust me, it’s really freakin’ good.


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