I Make Emily Henderson Cry

Oh Emily. I’m so sorry. I do realize you are completely distraught with some people’s irreverent taste in ghastly sofas, but I know you’re really only masking your sadness because you peeked at my front room. Charlie Hendo has been gently wiping the tears streaming down your face and cooing oh so sweetly, “Don’t cry momma.” But that Craigslist hairpin table was just not right, was it? And not even a cute giggle from your little man could make it better.

I knew it right after I placed it there. It wasn’t perfect. You’ve probably been sitting in some fabulous Mid Century Modern closet, painted in bright white, screaming at the ceiling (with gorgeous wooden beams, obvs), “It’s hideous! Yes, hairpins are having a moment, but that table is wrong! So! So! SO WRONG! Wrong height! Wrong length! Wrong color! JUST PLAIN OLD WRONG!” Nothing can console you.

Interior Design The Front Room



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