So I Married a Blogger

So today is kind of a historic slash epic slash one-of-a-kind slash ain’t never gonna happen again so you better read this kinda blog post. I’m normally the anti-Valentine’s Day gal, but when the fabulous Claire Brody asked if I’d like to have The Boy take part in a little Q&A Valentine’s Day fun, I was all in…errrr, I mean, The Boy was all in. At least I hoped he was. Technically I hadn’t asked him when I committed to a yes.

House Of Hipsters' Husband

Although The Boy is super supportive of my bloggery ways, he really doesn’t like to participate in HOH much…unless he’s hanging something, fixing something, being dragged to a flea market or vintage store, or whipping out a credit card for me…even then I don’t think he “likes” it all that much. And he’s definitely totally okay with being behind the scenes. That is until today. Before I hand over my precious, I’m going to give you all fair warning. The Boy has a potty mouth. If you can’t handle a cuss word here and there, please close your browser now. If you like reading silliness and dry humor narrated by a curmudgeon with the mouth of a sailor, read on folks and enjoy.


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