I Used To Be Punk Rock – Style Post

Ever since I started writing this blog I knew I wanted to create style and fashion posts. But for me, photographing myself is not the easiest thing to do. (Unless you’re Heather Wyancko she makes it look like a piece-a-cake!) After returning from Alt Summit, I knew I need to make this style thing happen, so I searched and searched for just the right photographer and finally found Hallie Duesenberg. She shoots Amelia over at The CHICago Life. Hallie was going to be my girl whether she liked it or not. She has also shot my favorite band PHOX…yep, sold!

I Used To Be Punk Rock Style and Fashion post

Lucky for her me, she agreed right away, and I didn’t have to resort to threats. But with this crazy cold Chicago weather we needed a location inside because I didn’t want to freeze. Hallie found this amazing restaurant and cocktail lounge called Presidio. And let me tell you, if you’re ever in the Chicago area, check this place out. It’s decor is industrial slash mid-century slash chic slash just plain rad. I was dying over the decor as soon as I walked in the door. Hallie said when she saw it, she knew it was right up my alley.


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