getting bigger everyday

my babies

Oh these two. Everyday there seems to be something new…it’s maybe not as noticeable with the dude, but it is very evident with little maus

Things little maus says:

I see ’em!
I find ’em!
I have ooper’s deer, deer is awesome!
I need help
I unna tookie
I atch awpatrol
Watch out! Watch out!
I gotcha
I a dinosaur! Raaahhhh!
Manos Chachos (That’s maus for “adios muchachos”)

Things the dude says:

Mommy, do you have both of your hands on the steering wheel?
Why did that guy honk at you?
Did you know that luke skywalker is [insert something here]
Darth vader is a warrior and he fights knights
My mom gets so mad when i don’t obey
Can we play a video game tonight?
Are you driving on the grass? you aren’t suppose to drive on the grass.
I’m going to throw you in jail

Happy Rex Manning Day!

So today I have been sitting here staring at a blank screen wondering what in the heck I’m going to write about. I had absolutely no clue until I started to weed my way through all the bucket challenges and first day of school pictures on Facebook. Procrastination at its best. Ya, no, you will not see me dumping ice cold water on my head…sorry guys, it’s just not going to happen. BUT, what I did find was this link to Buzzfeed. Empire Records. Yep, one of my most favoritest movies on the planet. Right up there with The Grand Budapest Hotel, Moonrise Kingdom, Clerks and Amelie. Top 5 folks. A cult classic that I can recite from beginning to end. Do you have one of those movies?



Back in 1995, I wanted to be every single character (well, maybe not Rex Manning). Seriously though, they were all so cool! I wanted to paint like A.J. I wanted to be pretty like Gina. I wanted to look like Corey in a tartan mini and doc martins. I wanted to eat brownies and watch Gwar with Mark and listen to his band Marc with a “c” because he was always playing with their minds. I wanted to date Lucas so I could wear his leather jacket when I was cold and take a ride on the back of his motorcycle. I wanted to shave my head like Deb…well, I kinda had already done that part.  I wanted to work in a record store for the remainder of my years and Joe would be my super awesome boss. I’d work a shift on the floor, listening to my favorite songs that made me feel cool and indie, only later to hang out with my BFFs on the couch Lucas was banished to. That would be only the best job ever!



So how did I hear about this charming movie that only grossed $250,000 in its two weeks in release? I mean, it was a complete and utter flop in theaters. I’ll tell ya, it was the song, “A Girl Like You” by Edwin Collins. I was instantly in love. But there was no Shazam back then. No MP3s. No Napster. I hadn’t even heard of email, and my exacts thoughts on this thing they called the World Wide Web was, “Ummm, ya right, like THAT will last.” Anyhoo, I have MTV to thank for this introduction. This was way back when they aired videos instead of episodes of The Real World and Snookie and JWOW. Do you guys remember that or did I just completely age myself?

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renegade fair chicago

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to attend the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago with my little buddy Laura from Avery Street Design. Minus a minor diversion by the navigation lady who lives in the speakers of my car and a parking delay (not to mention almost getting crashed by a white van…that might or might not have been my fault…whoopsies), we had SOOOOOOOO much fun!

Now, when I think of craft fairs, I normally think of doilies, crocheted what-nots, odd garden trinkets and old ladies, but this craft fair was anything but! This well-curated event showcased the best and brightest of the indie craft and design world. Over 300 DIY-ers featured products ranging from leather goods (my favorite was the buttery, Italian leather handmade totes that were found at the FOUNT Leather Goods booth, helloooooo Santa!), jewelry design, ceramics, paper goods and more.

Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago

Laura and I enjoying our walk around the Renegade Craft Fair

After making our way through some crazy traffic on the Kennedy Expressway and an excursion through Logan Square, we arrived on Division Street in Wicker Park! Hooray for finally getting out of the car (not to mention the waffle fries)!

Renegade Craft Fair

One of our first stops was at this cute air plant booth by Kelso Doesn’t Dance. Kelsey Cooper was seriously, one of the sweetest girls we met at the fair. She apparently lugged 3 suitcases, a backpack and purse on a plane by herself to attend. Not to mention all the boxes she shipped in. This gal was well stocked…she also wore the cutest apron. That’s her bending down to string more air plant hangers. I should have waited for her to sit up because she had the cutest pink sunglasses on.

Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago

Kelso Doesn’t Dance booth at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago

The air plant hangers are made of brass or aluminum tubing, wire, fishing line and crimp beads and are inspired by the Finnish tradition of Himmeli, Christmas decorations made of straw. She also makes these cute air plant pods. I wanted everything! So hard to pick just one. To buy one of your own, you can find her on Etsy.

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happy friday!

While the kids were at school I did useless cleaning. Do you know what I’m talking about? The kind you know will get messed up in about 2 point 5 seconds? Ya, I did that sort of cleaning today in the playroom. It’s that one room I try to keep clean, but everyday seems to be an epic fail. So, before it gets completely destroyed in 3 hours, I took some pictures of it to remind myself how nice it can really look.

a kid's playroom with adult style

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