A Wall You’ve Never Seen Until Today — Meet The Frame

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Confession — there’s a wall in my home you never see. The dreaded tv wall. A big black box eyesore that every home decor enthusiast tries to hide. Most people say, just deal with it, and I get it. That’s exactly what I’ve done. It’s a part of life. Almost everyone has a tv, and in my home, there’s no living without it. Function over form accepted — that is until now — meet The Frame TV by Samsung.   

The Frame TV by Samsung A TV that chameleons itself into art when not in use.


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7 Tips to Combat Dry, Winter Skin

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When the seasons change, so does my skin care routine. During the summer, Chicago is hot and humid so a sunscreen with a moisturizer usually does the trick. But winter skin is a whole ‘nuther ballgame. It gets itchy. It cracks. It’s red. And it’s just plain old uncomfortable. But I have a few tricks to keeps my skin looking heathy and silky smooth. For today’s post, I’ve partnered with Olay to share with you my top 7 tips to combat dry winter skin.

7 Tips To Combat Dry Winter Skin


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Holiday Gift Guide — The Hard To Buy For

We all have that one person — the one you wrack your brain and drive yourself crazy over during the holidays. Finally after a month of stressing out, you wind up just chucking an iTunes gift card at them. I’m talking about the hard to buy for person. The one who only buys from obscure unique stores. The one who has everything. Since I’m queen of the hard to buy for, I’m sharing some of my super secret shops.

Holiday Gift Guide – Unique gift giving ideas for the hard to buy for people.


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Get Your Home Holiday Party Ready

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My neighborhood has a local moms group. Now at first thought that may not sound super awesome…or maybe it does? But it may conjure up thoughts of kids running around, babies crying, and talks of what preschool is the best. Ya no, this moms group is completely different. It’s our monthly excuse to go out at 7pm, sans children, drink wine, wear makeup, and feel non-mom-ish. Sometimes I even wear fancy shoes! Each month has a different theme at a different house. This month I’m hosting the Christmas party, and that means I’ve gotta get this house holiday party ready.

Get your home holiday party ready!

Since we are still fairly new to the neighborhood, only a couple neighbors have visited. The pressure is on…even though I know, it shouldn’t feel that way, yadda, yadda, ya…deep down it’s just the way I’m wired. I can’t help it. It’s not really a keeping up with the Jones’ per se, but more my perfectionism personality. It’s about creating ambience and wanting my guests to enjoy themselves, feel comfortable, and remember the time they spent at my home as enjoyable. So how will I avoid feeling frazzled for this soirée? I start by making a to-do list to get this home holiday party ready!


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Self Care & Coming Up For Air

Self care — it’s one of the last things on my mind. In fact, I’m struggling to even think of what my needs might be. The hustle of unemployment, being a mom and wife, the holidays, and all the noise from the media…well, let’s just say life has taken my quiet time to an all time low.

A list of ideas for self care.

This last week, I’ve especially felt like I was drowning. Every time I pick up my phone, there seems to be an email or phone call or request that cannot be ignored. At night it’s mommy, I need this. Mommy, watch me dance. Mommy, watch Moana for the 486th time with me. All I want to do is come up for air and breath.


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