DIY – Candle Packaging


Free Printable Candle Label Graphic

I have to admit, 100% of the time, if you were to place two identical items in front of me, one having spectacular packaging and the other with horrible type and all the crazy colors of a fruit bowl, I’d pick the pretty packaging hands down. Even if it was more money, I’d buy the pretty packaging. Materialistic, maybe? Vain, maybe? I’d like to think hope chalk it up to good taste. But one this is for sure, it’s the graphic designer in me. I crush on good typography. I live for it. I’m constantly judging magazines and billboards for their kerning. I just can’t help it.

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Cocktail Recipe – Wild Indie Mule – Moscow Mule Twist

I suddenly realized that I haven’t shared any of my favorite boozy beverages with you guys! What kind of friend am I?!?! To make it up to you, today I’m going to share my most favorite of them all because I am the self proclaimed cocktail recipe queen. The Wild Indie Mule which is a fun twist on the Moscow Mule. And I must be honest, I finally perfected this fun little number from a restaurant we like to frequent. It pays to make friends with the bartender at The Saddle Room.

Cocktail Recipe. A fun take on the Moscow Mule. This fun libation is called a Wild Indie Mule . Since it uses a cordial called HUM, it has a botanical taste. Amazing and delicious for any cocktail party signature drink or happy hour fun. Garnish with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint. A splash of ginger beer or ginger syrup gives it that Moscow Mule kick.

I had a plan to get this scrumptious cocktail in before the end of August, but I blinked, and now it’s mid September. Oh summer, where did you go? But, let’s be honest. Does it have to be 90° to have a cold beverage on the patio? Ummmm. No. Not. At. All. In fact, these are so tasty, I’d gladly have 2 in a polar vortex…ok, I’m totally lying here. No one likes a polar vortex…but you know what I mean.


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Elkhorn Flea Market

Happy Wednesday you guys! I have to tell ya, I didn’t think much could top my getaway weekend at Camp Wandawega, but let me tell you, I think I died and went to junk yard heaven when walked through the pearly gates of the Elkhorn Flea last Sunday morning. Now, I’ve been to many a flea, but I’d have to say this is one of THE best I’ve ever attended. We boogied out of camp a bit before 7AM and got on the road, stopped at an ATM and we were off! Thankfully, we got the inside scoop on a shortcut as to not sit in line on Hwy 11. That’s right, there was a line! A huge line! Like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Over 500 dealers and this was not your Kane County tube socks show. This was the real deal. Merchandise from furniture to glassware, linens to boxing gloves.

The Elkhorn Flea Market

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Camp Wandawega is Magical

Camp Wandawega

Okay you guys. One more post on Camp Wandawega and I promise, I WILL stop. For realzies this time. But I’ve been dying to tell you all about our yummy weekend getaway! I got home yesterday, immediately unpacked and got to work processing the hundreds of photos. Magical, just magical. I just can’t stop gushing about it. It was quiet, cozy, quaint, and everything we wanted it to be; absolutely spectacular!

Camp Wandawega

Camp Wandawega

We left Thursday morning and stopped in Richmond for a quick bite to eat. If you aren’t familiar with Richmond, IL, it’s this little town right on the border of Wisconsin with few antique shops (there were more years ago but they seem to be dwindling these days) and an Irish pub by the name of Doyles. And boy oh boy do I recommend the Mama’s Pot Roast at Doyle’s. Mashed potatoes with gravy and carrots. Yes please! Such a surprise, since normally I’m not an Irish pub kinda gal, but this place wasn’t too shabby. Don’t expect the world and you won’t be disappointed here. The boy recommends the reuben.

After lunch, I gave Bill and Joe, the property managers at camp, a quick text that we’d be arriving in 30 minutes and we were off. That is minus a small snafoo with the trunk of the SUV, and we were off. Note to self, always make sure you latch it before taking off. Whoopsies!

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Jayson Home & garden went to Camp

As I mentally get ready for my adventure to Camp Wandawega, I can’t help but to leaf through every page of the new fall catalog from Jayson Home and Garden that just arrived on my doorstep. That probably seems like a disconnect, but it’s SOOOOOO not. You see, the fall line up was shot at Camp Wandawega. EEEK! It’s like playing Where’s Waldo in every vignette.

Anyone who steps into my home will notice immediately I’m all about mixing the old with new. And that is exactly what the creative geniuses over at Jayson Home and Garden did on set with their Fall collection. The juxtaposition of rugged mixed with luxe creates this rich atmosphere that still captures every essence of casual. An elegant blue linen chair sits in front of an Army tent. Really? YES! Charming! YES! Startling? A bit. Attention grabbing? YES! Does it make me want to buy that chair…OMG, YES! YES! and YES!

Jayson Home and Garden Fall Catalog 2014

Just so you know, that is the same tent that Michael Cera is sitting in front of in this picture! Yes, I will forever have a small spot in my heart for George-Michael Blume, the man from Canada and star who stole my heart in Juno. I heart you Michael Cera. More after the jump…

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