My Top 5 Steps to Making Your Bar Cart Party Ready

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My bar cart plays a couple of different roles in my home. Most days it serves as a simple vignette, but when it comes to entertaining, it’s a hard-working party machine. If it’s happy hour, that sucka needs to be fully stocked. Boozy basics and fun mixers for guests to shake, stir and sip need to be on display. But how does one still make it look pretty? Stirrings asked me the same question, so today I’m sharing my 5 top steps to beautify a hard working bar cart and make your next gathering extra Insta-worthy.

My 5 top steps to beautify a hard working bar cart and make your next gathering extra Insta-worthy. MORE AFTER THE JUMP…

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Finding Your Style Using A Visual Mood Board

People ask time and time again to describe my style. Gaahhhhhhh, really? I have absolutely no idea where to begin. I mean when I see it I know it? Does that count? A little old. A little new. A little quirky. Sometimes pink. All things French. They look at me with a blank stare. Sorry, I got nothin’ else for ya.

Finding Your Style Visual Mood Board Using Pinterest


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The Real Guide To The Best Faux Plants

Plants silently scream when I near them. In fact, the other weekend I was at a baby shower and the mother of the dad to be really wanted me to take home a begonia centerpiece…I think I saw it shutter. I politely declined, explaining that plants and I…especially plants that needed to be replanted and cared for just weren’t my jam. With good intentions, I adopt them, place them outside and proceed to slowly kill them. So now, I decorate with faux plants. The only maintenance that needs to be done is a little dust off here and there. Time and time again I’m asked where I find my little greenies, so today I decided to create an epic roundup of the best faux plants for home decor.

The Real Guide the The Best Faux PlantsImage Via Urban Outfitters


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Walmart Home Decor Is Lit

Ya, I said it. Walmart’s new glam retro home decor line is lit AF. The other night I was scrolling through Pinterest and was served an ad in the feed. Wow, that’s a pretty chair! Wait, wut? Walmart, is that you? Talk about a design double take.

Walmart Home Decor line MoDRN is retro glam perfectionMORE AFTER THE JUMP…

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Shopping for Valentine’s Day

February is the month cupid flies around and shoots you with an arrow of stress — what to buy your Valentine. If you’re shrugging your shoulders, you’re in luck. I’ve rounded up a few of my all-time favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for him and for her. Let’s get shopping.

Unique Valentine's Day GiftsMORE AFTER THE JUMP…

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