Broke Another One — Wine Glasses

Ah the wine glass…or as I refer to it — Big Karl (thank you Cougartown). Boy oh boy does that particular glassware get a workout around this house. But with heavy usage comes breakage. Sometimes they bite the dust in the dishwasher. Sometimes The Boy a guest has butterfingers. Even this girl has broken her fair share of wine glasses.

Wine Glasses - Round UpOh Wine Glass

After last year’s New Year’s Eve party, we were down to only a couple that survived, so we invested in two Riedel sets from Target. Nothing super fancy or flashy, but they had thinner glass felt good in my hand. As a plus, they all matched.


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My New Morning Routine — Maybe A Workout?

How many of you hit the snooze button? I don’t know about you, but I’m so not a morning person. I wish I was. The Boy hears that first beep and boom, he’s up, showered, has empties his inbox, and probably had a conference call or two. He has a very rigid morning routine. Yes, we are complete opposites.

New Morning Routine Workout Plan

The old routine was awake by 6:12AM, shower, coffee, train, and walk from the Metra station to work. Since getting laid off, I smack my phone about 17 times. My kids climb into bed with me, curl up, play with their iPads or watch cartoons, and I’m in dreamy dreamy land. My brain says to my body, “really…why do you need to wake up?” Well, I don’t, but I should. If I wake up at 9AM, the morning is gone. Suddenly I feel behind. I haven’t been on Instagram, or checked email, the coffee is almost gone, and I’ll probably shower around 2PM if I’m lucky. I no longer have time to workout. My day is now a scramble of playing catch up. That feeling in no bueno.


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Unemployment Update — Plus Free Printable

Ever since I became unemployed, I feel like I’ve never been busier. But busy in a good way. No longer do I feel stressed, worn out, and empty inside. I’m not wearing my shoulders as earrings. My new busy is exhilarating. Exciting. Creative. I finally have time to do the things I enjoy…some of which even make me a little bit of money. From graphic design to photography to styling to interior design to selling vintage, I’m finally doing what makes me happy.

It's You That Makes It Possible — free downloadable printable — inspirational quote


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I’m Bringing The Scrunchie Back

If you’ve ever seen the Sex and the City episode where Carrie slams Berger for mentioning a scrunchie in his novel Hurricane Pandora, then you will understand the reason for this post. She claims that no New Yorker in her right mind would ever wear one. The only acceptable occasion to wear a scrunchie is while washing your face. 

Bringing The Scrunchie Back

Hello. My name is Kyla, and I rock a scrunchie in public multiple times a week. Let’s take a long pause for dramatic effect.

Ok, now that we’ve got that awkwardness out of the way, I’m here to declare my determination to bring the scrunchie back. 


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Back To School — Dorm Room Essentials

And in the blink of an eye it’s mid August. How on earth is it back to school? I mean, where did summer even go? Since there’s no stopping time, we might as well embrace the fact that it’s time to shop for all your dorm room essentials. I’ve rounded up a boat load of cute, stylish items to make college life uniquely yours. But Kyla, I’m not in college? Don’t fret sweet thang, this little round up is still for you. Well, minus my dorm prank at the very end.

Cute backpack from Bando!I love this cute backpack from Bando! (Photo via Bando)


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