Where To Buy Affordable Curtains And Drapes 2024


After purchasing the gold velvet curtains for the bedroom and living room, I’ve found more secret sources on where to buy affordable curtains and drapes online.

Half Price Drapes 


They’re not only a personal favorite because of the quality but are also the best blackout curtains I’ve tried.

Jinchan Curtains


The thermal insulation drapery style is perfect for keeping the heat in and the cold out.

Lazzzy Curtains


Thanks to Chris Loves Julia, I discovered Lazzzy curtains. They used the blue slate drapes in their dining room.

West Elm


Two panels of linen curtains are $150, but that is really only $20 more per panel than the cheap curtains and drapes brands I listed above.



But these Amber Lewis sheer curtains for $78 are to die for. I love the delicate pattern and grand millennial vibe.

Floor Length Options

For the record, just because they’re cheap doesn’t mean they can’t look drop-dead gorgeous.