Purple Decor, Lilac and More


Below you’ll find a full round-up of all the purple decor I’m currently crushing on, along with a few clothing options in case you’re not quite ready to take the lilac leap into pillows.

Purple Decor


-Lavender Balsam Candle -Modern U Shaped Kink Vase in Lilac -Set of 4 Pinky Purple Glasses

Add Some Purple Magic to Your Home


This Modern Purple Couch is a fun modern sofa, but it’s definitely a commitment.

Discover the Full Range of Purple Possibilities


This Woven Purple and Orange Pillow is currently on sale and incredibly budget-friendly decor.

More Modern Purple Decor Ideas


Our Place Always Pan in Purple – the viral non-stick ceramic pan on Oprah’s Favorites list.

Floor Length Options

If you’re not into jewelry but dig the look, try adding a charm or two to your bag as an extra embellishment.