Floating Stone Shelf — How We Did It


Since this project was recently featured on Arch Digest in the – Stone Slab Ideas That Go Beyond Countertops post, I thought, let’s go behind the scenes and take a looksy at the installation.

Everything You Need To Know


The shelf is not one solid piece of quartz; however, the backsplash is and was cut from a slab.

Brackets For A Floating Stone Shelf


A shelf like this is obviously incredibly heavy, so to accommodate the weight, we started with these free-hanging steel brackets.

Cutting The Stone Shelf


The quartz was miter cut and pieced together for a seamless look. Below is a close-up shot.

Mounting The Quartz Shelf 


The quartz countertops were installed by the fabricator a couple of days prior to the backsplash and stone installation.

Securing The Stone Shelf


Once it was centered, the shelf was secured to the stone wall with silicone caulk to prevent it from moving.

Floor Length Options

I hope this behind-the-scenes look at the installation has helped inspire you to design your own!