Home Decor On A Budget – Clever Decorating Ideas


Here are some clever, budget-friendly decorating ideas to help you freshen up a room that won’t break the bank, and before you leave, be sure to read my post on how to make your home more expensive.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint


Paint is always an option. Another idea would be to take a look at wall stencils and murals as an alternative.

Add Architectural Details and Trim


Millwork and molding can make your home look 1000 times more expensive than it is.

Paint Your Doors


Even if you’re giving them a fresh coat of white, you’re still fixing the dings, scratches, and dirt.

Home Decor Alert!


I recently posted a rounded-up of some of the most beautiful, yet affordable home decor I’ve ever seen.

Add A Ceiling Medallion


A ceiling medallion dresses up any room and will add style to your lighting.

Floor Length Options

I hope you found some inspiring and affordable decorating ideas that looks high-end. If you have more ideas for decorating on a budget, drop them in the comments below.