Green Decor – Decorating Ideas For Your Home

To get those spring home decor ideas flowing, here’s a roundup of trending green decor to refresh those rooms and give every corner of your room a breath of fresh air.

Green Floor Lamp


Who needs a statement wall when you have this beauty? It’s also available in a peachy pink. Both will make interior designers go ga-ga.

Decorative Tray


Rectangle Emerald Green Shagreen Decorative Tray is an incredibly budget-friendly option when it comes to affordable decor.

Green Statement Walls


Personally, I love it on all four walls, but if all the pattern frightens you, try using it as an accent wall.

Olive Green Table Lamp


This color is interesting, especially when lit. The top shade is a darker shade of green, while the base is a muted sage.

Floor Length Options

Even though the weatherman predicted a drop in temps for Chicago, the grass is turning green, and the magnolia tree is beginning to bloom.