Easy Ways To Add Smart Lighting To Your Home


By the end of this post, you will understand the ins and outs of controlling shades with the push of a button, scheduling your lights to turn on, and how to program a wind-down routine.

How To Get Started With Smart Lighting


The multiple smart switches and dimmers are controlled through the Lutron Smart Hub.

Smart Lighting Can Transform A Room


My nightstand light is programmed to stay on longer but dimmed to the lowest setting.

Smart Outdoor Lighting


We can turn the back patio string lights on and off remotely, and by an inside switch using a Pico Remote.

Add a Second Smart Switch Wirelessly


Pair the Caséta dimmer switch and the Smart Hub with the Pico Smart Remote!

Choosing The Right Smart Lighting


We chose the Caséta by Lutron smart lighting system because it works in homes of all ages

Floor Length Options

Lutron gave us the ability to grow the smart lighting technology in our home, determining what fit our needs.