Easy Way To Choose A Rug Size In Your Living Room


The best way is to consider the size of the room. Look at this simple placement guide for your furniture layout, and then scroll for a rule of thumb room-to-rug ratio.

Measure The Room


More floor space, more rug. If your living room is 12′ x 18′ or larger, a 9′ x 12′ area rug should be the perfect size rug.

3 Ways To Arrange Furniture On A Living Room Rug


-Half On, Half Off The Rug -All Furniture Legs On Rug -The Layered Look

Shop Area Rugs For The Living Room


-Sundar – Melora Area Rug -Iconic Synovah Area Rug -Rendition Mezzo Area Rug

Affordable Area Rugs Under $500


-Billie BIL-03 Area Rug -Layla Printed LAY-03 Area Rug -Georgie GER-06 Area Rug

Floor Length Options

If you’re adding a side table to the couch, you’ll want that rug to extend 8″ beyond the table.