Coffee Table Decor Ideas

To help you style your coffee table decor like a pro, I’m going to share my secret design tips to help you pop each item with the best decorative accents.

Add Weight To Your Coffee Table Decor


I began by using a marble tray and a large modern vase.

Use Objects With Horizontal Lines


Books that are stacked flat are an excellent and easy way to add horizontal lines to your coffee table decor.

Add A Point Of Height


The large striking pot adds height to my coffee table. I also added a few faux olive tree branches.

Bring The Inside Out


This flower arrangement in resin happens to be one of my favorite DIYs, so I like to keep it front and center on my coffee table.

Something Fun Or Personal


This fun, the personal object is your talking point when entertaining.

Floor Length Options

Now that you have your decorative elements gathered, you’ll want to group and sort. Be sure to choose a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.