BSHT Summer Blogger Home Tour

Hopefully, you’ll also have some ideas, input, inspo, or thoughts on certain rooms that you can share in the comment section, cuz opinions and ideas are always welcome here.

A Tour Of The Dining Room


With a little help from The Savoy Flea, the dining room is now the gem of the house.

Tour The New Living Room


The space will be the room for morning coffee and evening chit-chat. A room with no TV or distractions.

The Kitchen Tour


I have the bar cart all set up; however, no booze…it’s still packed in a box. Whoopsies. But it sure does look purdy.

My New Work From Home Office


The new space has natural light for days, and those doors are what dreams are made of. Clutch the pearls.

The Master Bathroom Needs Some Work


The pillars and yuck seem to just fade away. A room I hated transformed into a pretty spectacular, clean, white space.

Outdoor Patio Decor


The blue bistro chairs are oh so francais. They make me want to drink wine, wear bright red lipstick and big sunnies.

Floor Length Options

Each and every home is a killer. My jaw has dropped over and over and over again!