Artificial Flower Arrangement In Resin

So what if I told you I figured out how to make artificial flower arrangements in resin for a fraction of the cost? Let’s start mixing and saving money by creating our DIY faux flowers in resin!

Materials Needed


-Glass Vase -Faux Florals -Wire Cutter -Resin – or Liquid Glass

Clean everything


Rinse out all your containers and wipe them all down. You do not want to see dirt and dust particles in your crystal-clear resin water.

Plan the flower arrangement


Play with your artificial flower arrangement before mixing resin. You want a plan for the end result.

Trim stems


Trim stems with wire snips to ensure a clean cut.

Check if vases are level


Lay a tarp on the ground to protect your working surface and place glass vase(s) on it. Check to make sure the vases are level.

Mix resin


Use a wooden paint stick (container) or plastic mixer with a drill (bucket) and stir. If you are using a drill, mix at a very low speed.

Pour into container


Pour the well-mixed resin into your glass container until you reach the desired fake water level.

Add florals


Add faux florals and allow 24 hours to cure.

Floor Length Options

If you want a crystal clear finish, clean and wipe down every surface before you do anything.