7 Ways To Hang A Picture Like A Pro


So aren’t my walls looking like swiss cheese when my picture frames constantly move from room to room? I’ve got some genius tricks up my sleeve. Here are 7 ways to hang a picture like a pro.

High Ceilings


Art should be hung 60″ from the floor for 9 ft ceilings, and for 10 ft ceilings, art should be hung 62″ from center.

Hang A Picture With 2 Hooks


Everything you need to hang a frame with 2 D hooks: painter’s tape, a pencil, a level, stud finder.

Hang A Heavy Picture On Drywall


Wall anchors are your friend if there is no stud. Push the anchor into a pilot hole and tap it into the wall.

Hanging Art Without Nails


I used Command Strips. It was my first time, and I was a bit nervous. I mean, it’s like a velcro sticker.

Hanging Without Damaging Wallpaper


When moving the picture, simply remove the screw and carefully glue the wallpaper back into place.

Floor Length Options

Are you ready to hang a picture in your home? I think you’re ready to hang pictures like a pro. You’ve got this!