Ultimate Guide To The Best Faux Plants That Look Real


Not too long ago, interior designers would crinkle their noses at that statement, but I’m happy to declare that fake plants are no longer a faux pas. Thank god because I do not have a green thumb or patience for the real thing.

Bird Of Paradise Artificial Plant


This faux plant is 5 feet tall, but you’ll want to grab a stylish planter.

Small Artificial Olive Tree


I own this little cutie, and it’s one of the most perfect tabletop plants.

Tall Faux Palm Tree


This larger tree is available in 3 different sizes. Be sure to pop it in a decorative planter to hide the plastic pot.

7 Ft Fake Olive Tree


This post went live a few years ago, and this fake olive tree is one of the bestsellers still to this day.

Real Touch Artificial Rubber Plant


Home Depot has some great fake plants. This one is under $50.

Floor Length Options

We are so busy these days, so the easiest way to elevate your home decor hassle-free with zero maintenance is to mix in a few fake plants.