Walk-In Closet Renovation Progress


Remember that walk-in closet renovation? It was time to demo and install cable for the heated floor. Here’s the progress report!

Closet Renovation Demo Day


Next up in the closet renovation was to fill every nail hole and seam in the plywood.

Things I Did Not Know About Heated Flooring


It is not expensive. Test the resistance on the heating cable both before and after laying the wiring.

Knowing Your Limits During A Renovation


Anyhoo, we needed to find a professional. After a few snafoos, we found Alex and his crew.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring In The Closet Renovation


Now that the heated flooring has been installed, we can finally lay the luxury vinyl flooring from NovaFloor.

Floor Length Options

My hope is the room will feel more clean and fresh. Stay tuned for more!