Summer Living Room Decor Ideas

I started pushing furniture around the house, rearranging, restyling, redecorating. I’m loving where they landed in the TV room and wanted to share the space and some living room decor ideas with you.

Add Texture


Rattan, caning, seagrass, wicker, eyelet, and linen textiles are perfect examples of natural textures.

Pick Your Color Palette


Pops of citrus colors may seem like a simple change. A pop of yellow can do wonders for a room.

Lighten The Look


Think of lightning in terms of swapping out velvet curtains for linen, wool for eyelet, solid woods for caning or rattan.

Add Contrast


f you’re looking to give your living room a summery pastel color pop, lighten your lights and darken your darks.

Add A Touch Of Coastal


The key takeaway is finding that beachy balance with subtle nods to a summer ocean breeze.

Floor Length Options

By bringing those easy-breezy feelings of summertime indoors, you’ll create an oasis to escape to.