Serena & Lily Home Decor Favorites

Today, I’m sharing all my Serena & Lily home decor favorites, including the new pieces that arrived, a tried and true lamp I’ve loved for years, and a few others on my wishlist.

Alpaca Throw


Alpaca wool is a durable, high-quality, luxury yarn that is soft and stands the test of time. The quality is extraordinary.

Flynn Single Wall Sconce


They’re sleek, simple, and interesting, yet a bit different from my normal Mid-Century Modern look and feel.

Cove Table Lamp


The subtle nautical charm brings the outdoors in for a fresh look, and the matte ivory shells add incredible texture to your room.

Seagrass Wrapped Glassware


It’s the perfect boozy beverage. P.S. The seagrass is removable so these glasses easy to wash.

Floor Length Options

We all deserve a bit of luxury when it comes to home decor, and when you invest in quality pieces, they last a lifetime.