Outdoor Entertaining with the Neighbors


The new neighborhood has the look and feels of a lake house community. Single lane roads filled with small hills and twists and turns. The best thing, everyone waves at each other.

Decor and Entertaining Tablescape


I found a little area to start playing with a place setting — for which I highly recommend doing.



One for each side of the picnic table. They’re gorgeous when lit up at night casting a glow of incredible patterns.

Plants and Flowers


Now for that extra pop of color to really make the pink sing. Everyone loves plants in pink and the faux plant leaf placements fit the bill.



I liked the added texture over a plain glass vessel, and I’ll bet if I never said a word, you’d be none the wiser.

Floor Length Options

With people popping by to say hi on evenings and weekends, I learned real quick to have the basement fridge well stocked with boozy beverages and always have snacks on hand.