Kitchen Pantry Before And After

I took on a smaller project and decided to organize the kitchen pantry because it was a hot mess. This is real-life living, and it was completed on a budget.

A Looksy At The Before


As you can see, organization is not always easy to maintain at HOH—especially when you have kids.

Add Interior Lighting


Once you have interior lighting, you can’t live without it.

Map Out An Organizational Plan


I mapped out my pantry as a guide before starting. This gave me a plan of attack and a budget.

Start From Scratch


Seeing everything on the counter, tossing expired items, and wiping everything down was a tedious job.

Organize By Catagory


Clean, vacuum, and repaint. I put everything back and organized it by category.

Add Storage Bins, and Organizers


Once my new storage bins and lazy susans arrived, I got to work.

Floor Length Options

Now, did this pantry project take a full month? No. But breaking up the tasks week by week made this makeover easy peasy.