How To Change A Light Fixture

Although replacing a ceiling light fixture seems a bit intimidating, it’s quite easy to DIY once you get over the fear of getting electrocuted. Let’s dive in!

Turn Off The Power


Flip the breaker on the main service panel, and turn the physical light switch off as well.

Remove the Old Ceiling Light


Once the old fixture is removed, you’ll also want to remove the ceiling light base from the junction box.

Triple Check That The Power Is Off


Use the voltage tester on all of them to be positive there’s no correct running through those wires.

Replacing A Ceiling Light — Wiring


Before you connect the wires from the new fixture base to the junction box, locate the new mounting plate.

Installing Your New Ceiling Light


Don’t leave bare wires exposed — cover the twisted connection with a wire connector nut.

Floor Length Options

Flip that breaker back on and turn on your light! You did it! You replaced a ceiling light all by yourself!