Designing The Beautiful Kitchen Island

I’m giving my kitchen a modern glam makeover and taking you along for the ride…and when I say makeover…this is not a true gut. We’re going to use what we have and upgrade a few things.

Before Kitchen Makeover Photo


The glittery granite countertops were pitted and chipped. They had never been replaced.

Wet Bar Mood Board


I laid eyes on a new beautiful quartz design that eventually became Brittanica Warm. For me, it was love at first sight.

Kitchen Inspiration


I went back to the design palette and landed on Ironsbridge. Its light, neutral palette fits perfectly.

More of The Renovation


I chose Cambria quartz for the kitchen renovation and the final stone I chose for the kitchen island.

Floor Length Options

The heavens opened up. Time to break out the sledgehammers for a kitchen remodel and stay tuned for more updates.