New Art, Makeup Favorites, & Some Design Drama

I have over 90,000 images on my phone and 497 tabs open on my phone’s browser. Well, there’s some srsly amazing stuff that I want to remember. Here are a few of those things and other noteworthy news.

Recently Acquired Objects Of Affection


I wound up purchasing a funky little drawing entitled House Party by Scott Westgard.

Artwork by Frances Berry


It’s a good reminder for a content creator. It’s a little crass, but I guess, in a way, so am I.

What Caught My Eye – Clothing


I fell in love with this sardine tin beaded clutch. How perfect is this evening bag for a vacation date night?

Affordable Decor Ideas At Target


This design became famous years ago when Kate Moss was photographed in it.

Recent Makeup Purchases


Zozo influenced me to buy the Fenty Beauty Match Stix Color Adaptive Cheek and Lipstick.

Floor Length Options

The Timothy Corrigan and Ohara Davies-Gaetano credit kerfuffle is making waves in the interior design world. Many interior designers have commented on Timothy’s post, saying thank you for speaking up.