Design Lesson: Window Shades & Giveaway

This past weekend I learned a valuable lesson about window shades and window treatments in general. You guys, they can transform a room! Such a simple thing can completely change the look and feel. Oh. Em. Gee. Who knew. They made me no longer want to take a sledgehammer to my mantle. I no longer think it’s necessary to paint the entire first floor white. I had no idea. Before I start to ramble on, there’s a giveaway at the bottom of this post! WAAAAAAY down there. Be sure to enter to win before you take off.

Anyhoo, remember way back when I posted an I Make Emily Henderson Cry room reveal of my living room? There was a resounding distain for my old wooden blinds. I believe you called them country, 1990’s, and yishy. I was told, “Cover them up! They’re hideous!” and “1996 called. They want their blinds back.” Don’t worry. I ain’t mad at cha. In fact, I was right there with ya, but all in due time.

I Make Emily Henderson Cry Living Room Makeover West Elm


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