I Heart Chairish Instagram Sales

Today is not just Tuesday, it’s one of those super exciting, special days for me. Today I’m being interviewed on Chairish. They are asking me all sorts of questions about the items I purchased on one of their Chairish Instagram Sales and how I styled the pieces in my home. Woah! Slow down. How did this happen you ask? Well, here’s the back story, but be sure to hop on over to Chairish to read the interview and view all the styled items to get the real vintage fix. I swear, I’ve been so excited to show them off. So please, go check it out.

Back in January, you might remember I was talking about Alt Summit. And while Grace and I stood in line at the airport, waiting for a taxi to the hotel, a woman behind us asked if she could share a ride. (I want to say it’s because I looked like a fancy blogger, but it’s probably because she heard us say Grand America Hotel where all the bloggers were staying. I’m going with the whole fancy blogger bit for now.) Anyhoo, I wanted to say yes, but I glanced at my luggage and then at Grace’s, and then at hers, oh boy. We didn’t travel light that particular week. I said, “For sure! That is if we can all fit.” Yikes!

We managed to snag a minivan, and the three of us were off to the hotel. She politely asked us if we were bloggers and we gave her a, “Ya, how’d you guess”, kinda ho-hum reply. She laughed. Turned out she worked for Chairish – only like my favorite online shopping resource for vintage goods! OMG! I squealed on the inside but tried to remain calm on the outside.


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