DIY Photobooth Backdrop

Hello! Hello you guys! It’s day three of the Wildwood Speakeasy New Year’s Eve theme party! Are you excited? I know I am. Whoohoo! Seriously you guys, y’all are watching this unfold and come together just as we are. It’s so exciting to see something you’ve kinda just dreamed up in your head become more then just a pretty picture. It’s our little Alt Summit baby! Someone HAS to throw this party. It’s the B.O.M.B.!!! And it’s just as Laura described it a couple months ago as my tired eyes were trying not to close while Google chatting. A bunch of rich kids drinking glam-slash-hipster-style in the woods. It’s a little luxe. It’s a little hipster. It’s a little rustic. And a whole lotta exclusive. Are you guys ready for a DIY photo booth backdrop? Everyone, in case you’ve missed her (Seriously, not sure how you could, she’s gorgeous!) meet Grace from The Big Reveal!

Photobooth backdrop Mugshot theme


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I think I need to start off here with yes, these are just awful photos, but bear with me here. It gets much prettier to look at =)

Instagram has been on my mind as of late. I joined WAAAAAY back in March 2011 and had a shtick. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of my feed, you can see it for yourself. Quiet embarrassing. My first comment is usually really obscure, and because my account was private and I only had like 12 followers it was really just something for myself. So what on earth was I commenting about? Well I constantly have my headphones streaming music into my ears. It was the title of the song I was listening to. I told you it was weird and obscure. I was also BIG into filters. Filters that kinda make me cringe these days.

House Of Hipsters Instagram

The comment here was “Excuses” a song by The Morning Benders

House Of Hipsters Instagram

The comment here was “A-Punk” a song by Vampire Weekend

I can’t believe I’m revisiting these shots and sharing them with you! Man oh man! I took them with the original 1st generation iPhone that had such a scratched up camera lens. And then to add that scratchy texture on top of it and darken it, AND I added those awful frames. What on earth was I thinking? I soon got sick of the whole song title idea, so I changed it up. Besides my 12 followers slash friends were like WTH Kyla??? Since it was a private account, I just posted pictures of my everyday life, and it stayed this way for a really long time. I only used IG once in a blue moon.


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lakeside remix — family & dining room

My dear friend Laura over at Avery Street Design and i have collaborated before. Well, we decided to do it again, but this time Grace from The Big Reveal and Summer from Simple Stylings joined in the fun! A while back, Laura wrote a post about *needing* to own a lake house because she had too many mugs…I said I’d move in as well since I had too many chairs (I like to save them).

Anyhoo, Laura was reminiscing about a small cottage in Lakeside, Ohio her family rented when she was young. Super cute with tons of potential, but I mean, it’s a lake house someone rents out…it’s going to look a tad bit worn for wear…a tad bit out of date. One day she looked it up on the good old internets and there it was, just as she remembered it and thought to herself, this place needs a makeover. See, Laura does this thing where she walks into a space, empties the room in her head and fills it back up with fabby decor.

She got this grandiose idea to redecorate her old lakeside cottage, but timing, kids, summer, life in general, it was just too much. This is where Grace, Summer and I enter the picture. Laura thought, wouldn’t it be fun to include a bit of House of Hipsters, Simple Stylings and The Big Reveal to this makeover? Yes! Yes it would Laura! Great idea! Suddenly, my mind started swimming with ideas.

So cruise on over to Avery Street to see how I chose to mix things up in the dining room and living room.

Lakeside Remix Collaboration