Bar Cart Styling

The awesomeness of the bar cart was first introduced to me years ago by the always fabulous Mrs. Lilien. Her boozy concoctions always resting on beautiful brass and glass. I longed to sit poolside with her highness, in Palm Springs, dressed in a bright flowy kaftan, sipping libations, garnished with a juicy chunk of pineapple and a pink umbrella. Yes, I know, that was very specific. But then I awake from my fanciness to face the reality of my two young children. Ha! I love them, but that party on wheels is so not happening. Besides, I partake in a drink or two, but not enough to require a full on bar cart. The Boy is primarily a beer drinker…German beer…specifically Kolsch. Bar cart styling was not in my near future. Whomp. Whomp.


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