The Ultimate Guide To Vintage Shopping In Chicago

When it comes to vintage shopping in Chicago, you can shop til you drop, take a disco nap, rally and shop some more. It’s also safe to say I shop for vintage…a lot, and therefore I receive quite a few emails that go something like this: “Hey Kyla, I’m visiting Chicago, and I was hoping you’d share some of you favorite places to shop vintage.” Of course I oblige. Shopping for vintage is my jam.

The ultimate guide to shopping vintage in Chicago. Read more on House Of Hipsters

Now, before you bombard my inbox asking to be sent the coveted, super secret list, keep on reading this post, then promptly bookmark, save  to Pinterest, and engrain it in your brain because today I’m sharing the mother of all lists…House Of Hipsters ultimate guide to vintage shopping in Chicago and surrounding suburbs!


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Should I Stay or Should I Indigo – One Room Challenge Progress

Phew! Man, the past week has flown by. Radio silence has ensued (sorry about that…it’s not you, it’s me), but I swear I’m not sitting on the sofa eating bon-bons watching Days Of Our Lives. (Is that show even on anymore? In college was addicted to it.) Anyhoo, I’ve been moving around furniture, styling vignettes, giving the UPS man hugs, shopping at my favorite vintage stores, and pawing through what I already own like a mad woman. Then I move it all round again…and again…and again…and then I change my mind…again. The One Room Challenge progress report is in full effect today. My home office is starting to take shape. Transforming right before my eyes and I really like what I’m seeing. If you missed it, I posted this sneak peek of the space on my Instagram Monday morning.

Loloi Rug - Anastasia, Sand and Light Blue. Inspiration for Office Makeover on House Of Hipsters.

How ’bout that rug, eh? I’ve been drooling over this Loloi Rug named Anastasia since its launch and pretty much freaking out over it. I knew I had to make it work in the space because one way or another, this bad mamajama was going to be mine.


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Randolph Street Market Festival – Join Me!

Hi guys! I’ve got exciting news to share with you! (And 10 helpful tips on flea market shopping at the very bottom of this post.) I’ve been selected as one of Chicago’s top editors and designers to award blue ribbons for best in show at The Randolph Street Market Festival. Come on out and join me, Saturday, September 26, 2015, at this European-style, indoor-outdoor urban antique market to shop amazing furnishings, vintage clothing and jewelry, home decor and more. Known as the “mecca of cool” and “the best hot spot for antiquing”, The Randolph Street Market Festival was just named 1 of the 9 Flea Markets You Must Visit Before You Die by Better Homes and Garden Magazine.

So what are the blue ribbons for? Well, I pick my favorite items at the flea and you buy them. Over 40 different charities receive some of the proceeds. My charity of choice is The Jackson Chance Foundation. This charity was founded by my dear friends Carrie and Terry Meghie after they lost their son Jackson Chance. You can read his story here.

The Randolph Street Market Festival and flea market in the West Loop of Chicago, plus 10 helpful tips for shopping a flea market. Canary Lane Booth

MORE AFTER THE JUMP… & don’t forget about my 10 Expert Flea Market Shopping Tips at the bottom of this post.

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vintage shops in chicago

Sometimes people walk through my home and say, “OMG, where on earth do you find all this stuff?”, and I never really seem to have a good answer. My response is usually, “All over I guess, you just have to have patience to find unique items.”

Recently a friend of mine was explaining to me her way of designing a room. She goes to one store, grabs a clerk and orders the vignette in its entirety. Boom. One store, out the door. “Sweet Baby Jesus!” I gasped and exclaimed, “I can’t even comprehend the words coming out of your mouth right now!” Her answer, “Isn’t that what everyone does?” E-ghads girl! Absolutely not!!!! Do you really want to walk into your girlfriend’s home for the next wine book club meeting and see YOUR living room in HER living room? Where the ONLY difference might be a different shade of beige on the walls?

I’ve finally broken down. I’m going to share with you my favorite stores…my secret stores…the exact places where I find all these unique items in my home (in no particular order). BTdubs, in most of these places you will have to brace yourself for the ironically bearded with the I’m too-cool attitude (usually not the employees…they are sweet little souls). But we are House of Hipsters…we embrace you my fellow bearded brethren. So curl up those mustaches and buckle down the chin strap. Here we go!

Jayson Home and Garden

Photo Via Jayson Home and Garden

Jayson Home & Garden: I’m going to start off with JHG mainly because it’s one of my favorites. Everything item in this store is beautiful. Period. They are unique, edgy and elegant all wrapped up with a bow on top. A shopping mecca for the interior designer. I shop here for tabletop accessories, pillows and wall decor mainly because that is all I can afford. They always have a great selection of uniques trays and boxes. I usually walk away spending a zillion dollars, but it’s worth every penny. I rarely shop the flea items here because they are way out of my price range, but they sure are purdy to look at!

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rug for the foyer /// interior design

hipster foyer

hey guys! so i need your help…like i really need help…my foyer is finally no longer a merry-go-round of random tables, chairs, trunks and shelving…so yeah me! that in itself is winning. this has been a long 3 year process to finally get it where i feel satisfied with the look and feel. i really liked the idea of shelving in this space, but with small children, my precious knick-knacks seemed to wander off or [sad face] break into a million pieces…so no open shelving for this gal in this hipster home. however, the lightbulb shone brightly above my head when i found this barrister cabinet at the randolph flea market in chicago, il, and i thought the height would fit nicely under the stairs. (i will have to say it was a very squeaky ride home with this large metal cabinet and its hinges in the back of the SUV.) the glass doors protect my precious vintage SX-70 polaroid camera and deter sticky little fingers. the vintage paddles were found at oak street antiques and yarn in baraboo, wi…and the chair is a reupholstered vintage haywood wakefield that i found on craigslist…total and complete score!

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