New Year’s Eve Party Games with Tiny Prints

Every year I get ambitious and send out holiday cards to everyone I know. Crazy? Maybe a little bit, but I make it easy on myself by using Tiny Prints. They have such a great selection of card designs to choose from, and all I have to do is upload a photo. Boom. Easy peasy and they’re magically printed and on my doorstep lickety split. This year I also purchased their personalize stamps, and oh my, we’ve received so many compliments.

Since I’m such a fan, imagine my surprise when I received an email last week from Tiny Prints! They asked me to take a look at their New Year’s Eve Party Games Generator. Well, with us just wrapping the New Year’s Eve Wildwood Speakeasy Party, how could I not? ERMERGERD! Yep, I’m on board and ready to slip into my party shoes! This thing is so cool you guys and completely free to use. Even better, am I right?

New Year's Eve party Games



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