Style Post — Dressing For Spring

Dressing for spring in Chicago can be tricky. The mornings can be quite chilly while the afternoons are comfortable. And then you can get days like Monday where we had blizzard like conditions; while today is pushing 60° and sunny. It’s madness. You never know if the snow is gone for good until it hits 90° and even then it can be a crap shoot.

Mad For Plaid House Of Hipsters Style Post Dressing For Spring


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I Used To Be Punk Rock – Style Post

Ever since I started writing this blog I knew I wanted to create style and fashion posts. But for me, photographing myself is not the easiest thing to do. (Unless you’re Heather Wyancko she makes it look like a piece-a-cake!) After returning from Alt Summit, I knew I need to make this style thing happen, so I searched and searched for just the right photographer and finally found Hallie Duesenberg. She shoots Amelia over at The CHICago Life. Hallie was going to be my girl whether she liked it or not. She has also shot my favorite band PHOX…yep, sold!

I Used To Be Punk Rock Style and Fashion post

Lucky for her me, she agreed right away, and I didn’t have to resort to threats. But with this crazy cold Chicago weather we needed a location inside because I didn’t want to freeze. Hallie found this amazing restaurant and cocktail lounge called Presidio. And let me tell you, if you’re ever in the Chicago area, check this place out. It’s decor is industrial slash mid-century slash chic slash just plain rad. I was dying over the decor as soon as I walked in the door. Hallie said when she saw it, she knew it was right up my alley.


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What’s In My Bag

I think one of the most fun and interesting posts I see bloggers do is the What’s In My Bag post. Maybe it’s me being nosey and curious, or maybe it’s wanting to know another lady’s favorite lipstick or reading material. I’m not sure. But one thing’s for sure, I carry EVERYTHING in my bag. Since my commute is 3 hours long round trip, my bag is pretty much an extension of my home. I need all the essentials on hand in case any unexpected emergencies arise. It’s filled with everything I might need, but I try to clean it out once a month or it starts to overflow so badly it can’t be closed. Today happened to be a let’s clean the bag day, so I decided to share my bare necessities with you. And boys, if you are reading this, any of these items will rock your girl’s Christmas morning, so read on!

What's In My Bag


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bags that don’t break the bank

every other week, my sister-in-law and i text back and forth…it usually starts out as a quick question, but then we start to ramble about other rando things. the other night we started chatting about purses. see, the boy oddly understands my obsession with bags…her boy “understands the importance of a purse, but to him it could be a brown paper bag vs a vuitton” which is the normal guy reaction to spending money on a new purse…and i completely get that — purses are expensive — and vuittons are REALLY expensive unless you buy them used off ebay. also, when you have young children, you run the risk of dropping your new beautiful vuitton in pee or vomit…gross and sad face.


presently her current purse is from target, but it has a broken strap so she is in the market for a new bag that doesn’t break the bank. since she claims to be purse challenged, she gave me an idea for a post. see, recently i posted a backpack round up but didn’t necessarily keep budget in mind…i just picked purdy backpacks. in my sister-in-law’s case, i was not given a specific color or budget restriction to stay within but based off our conversations, knew louis vuitton was a no go for hubby. she said, okay, you do the work so i just have to send my boy a link…i’m down with that…spending other people’s money? sign me up!

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smitten — backpack roundup

a couple weeks ago, i was over on the avery street design blog reading a feature on an instagrammer @mandyandsuch. first and foremost, this girl has quite the lovely feed, but one item that repetitively caught my eye was her madewell transport rucksack. the boy just shakes his head when i say i need another bag…but i’m being as serious as a heart attack, come on! i NEED this bag…or at least one like it. and besides, who doesn’t need a rucksack…everyone needs a rucksack…plus, i would sound adorable saying, “hey, could you hand me my rucksack?” (especially if i had an english accent…)

commuting to work daily takes its toll on my bags. i over stuff them, pile in magazines, iPad, work papers, toy dinosaurs and batman figurines…you name it, i probably have it tucked away. after searching through the internets, i think i’ve rounded up the best of the bunch, and thought i’d share them with you because y’all are so special. i’m still pretty smitten with the madewell bag though…you can even personalize it with your initials. so, which one would you chose?

everything has been sourced at the bottom in case you want to take a closer look. enjoy!

Pratesi Montalbano and J.W. Hulme Co back packsmismo and etsy backpacksvanport outfitters and 3.1 philip lim pashlifilson and need supply co backpacksfrye tracy backpack and madewell rucksackmulberry cara backpack contest signup


pratesi — montalbano italian leather backpack
j.w. hulme co. — continental backpack
mismo — m/s/backpack
leftover studio — roll top backpack
the row — convertible hobo backpack — oooooh, shiny!
matt & nat — the brave pack
vanport outfitters — asa lovejoy rucksack
3.1 phillip lim — pashli backpack — i had this purse and the strap broke, so this one is up in the air…pretty but i’m not sure it can handle me…the clasp also takes some getting use to
filson — tin cloth backpack — the boy is a duck hunter, so maybe he’d applaud me buying a bag from filson?
need supply co. — rockland backpack
frye — tracy backpack
madewell — the transport rucksack
mulberry — the cara backback signup to win your very own here