Found & Foraged Linky Party #16

Oh home decor, you’re a tricky little bugger. Last week a reader advised me to take a step back from my bedroom makeover. I took that advice, and I’m glad I did. Thankful for your comments, I’m seeing this room with much more clarity. A couple weeks ago, I was shaking the Magic 8 Ball and asking if I’d get thru this one. It replied, “Don’t Count On It”, but today it said, “As I See It Yes”. Ha, I kid. I really don’t plan my home decor around a Magic 8 Ball, but if I did, it might keep things interesting around the house, that’s for sure!

Anyhoo, last Saturday, I wound up stopping into Scout and Brimfield and found this cute Saarinen side table. Once I finally dragged it out of the car, the white was popping and the round shape was softening the space. Yahtzee! I also made you guys a mixtape last Wednesday. It’s something I do every so often to mix things up around here. If you take a listen, you’ll have to tell me how you like it. I also received my style shoot photos from Hallie. I’m really excited to share them with you; be on the lookout for that post next week. I’m also working on another “I Make Emily Henderson Cry” post.

But enough about me, let’s get to this linky party already! Welcome to Found & Foraged you guys! I’m so happy you made it. Last week we got off to a really slow start, but wound up with over 180 link ups by Wednesday. So I’m going to take a poll. Do you guys like Saturday night linky parties? Or is Saturday night one of those personal funday nights? If you want to move it, we can always move it. You let me know. So what have you been working on? Spring cleaning? St. Pat’s parties? Home decor? A cool DIY? I can’t wait to see! Link it up!

F  E  A  T  U  R  E  S

Petite Modern Life   ///   Black, White and Gold Office Makeover

Home Decor - Office Makeover


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Found & Foraged Linky Party #15

Welcome to Found & Foraged night you guys! I gotta tell ya, i was a bit nervous last week when only a handful of you showed up, but apparently everyone had fabulous Valentines Day plans…jealous! Y’all arrived on Sunday though and brought your A-game. I had such a fun time looking at your projects. You shared everything from Oscar parties to Valentines to St. Patrick’s Day and many a rockin’ makeover.

As for me, I had a pretty fun week. Had my very first style shoot today at Presidio in Chicago. It’s this shwanky new restaurant and cocktail lounge that will be opening March 3rd. If you live in Chicago, I highly suggest you check it out. My photographer was the very talented Hallie Duesenberg. I was so nervous, I thought I might barf…BTDubs, I didn’t…Hallie was super sweet. I just love her; can’t wait to do it again!

If you remember, last week I was armed with rubber gloves and Lysol. I’ll have you know, the plague has finally vacated the premise! Hallelujah! We netted out with Little Dude having walking pneumonia and pink eye. He was not a happy camper. But as of yesterday, he’s got his spunk back. I’m shakin’ my buns to a happy dance over here!

Before we get tonight started, I just want to let you know I have a giveaway with The Honest Company that ends soon. So, if you haven’t entered to win, go do that before you take off tonight. You can find it here. Let’s get this party started with some features already!

F  E  A  T  U  R  E  S

Lemon Peel   ///   Faux Sheepskin Bench Makeover

Faux Sheepskin Bench Makeover


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Found & Foraged Linky Party #14

If you were paying attention, you might have noticed that little old linky party #13 is missing. Kyla, come on…don’t be silly. Are you really that superstitious? Why yes, yes I am. Don’t believe me? Just read my about page and scroll down to #14. Besides, I need all the luck I can get these days. Yesterday, Friday the 13th, the plague entered my home again, and this time it was armed with a side of pink eye. Which I have to say, ranks up right there as one of the grossest ailments on the planet. I’m once again armed with rubber gloves and a force field of Lysol. I have to say, it’s been one heck of a battle. This bug has put up it’s dukes and fought a good fight. But hear me roar, I will reign victorious!

A quick what have I been up to…hmmm, well, next week we are going have a little giveaway fun, so check back. Mark your calendars and don’t forget because it’s going to be a good one! I promise! If you’re in need of a last minute Valentine’s Day gift idea, don’t you worry, I got your back! I whipped up a couple pretty Valentine’s Day printables that are free to download. (BTDubs…you’re cutting it a bit close…just sayin’…but not judgin’) And speaking of Valentine’s Day, I did a little number with on my gallery wall to jazz up the place. You’ll have to let me know what you think.

Enough about me though, let’s get on with this shindig, shall we? How are you guys doing tonight? Is everyone wearing red? Did you have dinner with someone special? Did you get a fancy gift? Are you eating bonbons by the fireplace? Enjoying a liquid libation? Tell me all about it so I can be jealous.

F  E  A  T  U  R  E  S

Legal Miss Sunshine   ///   Valentine’s Day Donuts

Valentine's Day Donuts Recipe


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Found & Foraged Linky Party #11

It’s Saturday night, and that means it’s another night of Found & Foraged! You guys brought so many amazing projects last week, it was difficult to pick features. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me this week.

I do have one important announcement to make about the Found & Foraged Linky Party. As most of you know, Grace, Laura and I attended Alt Summit last week. Our minds were swimming with new, fun, and creative ideas. As a result, Grace and Laura have decided to redirect their focus on other new and exciting challenges. I however, will continue hosting the Found & Foraged Linky Party every Saturday night like always, so don’t fret. Nothing is coming to an end. Laura and Grace will continue linking up their fun projects and supporting the community we started. So it’s not goodbye, but their last week hosting will be next week. Sadzies.

The three of us will still be hosting the Found & Foraged Instagram Challenge every Saturday. So if your on Instagram, be sure to tag your photos with #foundforaged to join in the fun. Now let’s get this party started!

F  E  A  T  U  R  E  S

Nur Noch   ///   Bottle Vase

DIY Bottle Vase


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Found & Foraged #10

Found and Foraged Linky Party

Wow! Saturday night already! Where does the time go. Well, I literally just got off a plane and walked through the door, I’m back from Alt Summit with some serious stories to tell. I had a blast, I’m exhausted, I’m giddy with excitement and brewing some creative geniusness over here. Basically my mind is spinning, and I can’t wait to give you a recap…but not tonight. Tonight is Found & Foraged night! It’s your night. So without further ado, let’s get this linky party started!


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