Found & Foraged Linky Party #21

Woah you guys. I have never ever missed a post until last Wednesday. I felt sooooo guilty! And kinda like a slacker, but I just plain old fell behind. I caught Little Maus’ cold, had family in town, and was on deadline at work. Life just got a bit cuckoo. You probably didn’t even noticed, but if you did, I hope you forgive me.

So, I said I had family in town this week for Spring Break. I gotta tell ya, it was crazy but so much fun. The Boy’s sister’s family came to stay with us, which meant we had five kiddos under the age of 6 in the house! Yep, it was insane, and it was loud, and it was a blast. The cousins don’t get to see each other very often because they live in Charlotte, NC. The 3 eldest had sleepovers every night in the basement, and I hope they remember that time together as they get older. The second night we had a minor incident with gum at 9PM. The 6 year old ratted out her brother and my son (thank goodness), and my son hid his gum in between the couch cushions. That was the only casualty. Oh, there was also some sort of foot licking incident, but I was in the shower when that happened. But from what I gather, my son’s socks were missing and the 4 year old had one very wet sock? Let’s just say, little boys are not always the smartest decision makers.

So a bit about one of tonight’s features. We had a lot of newcomers, and one in particular was one of my favorite Instagrammers @meandering_mari. Her posts feature incredible artwork that she creates from plants and flower petals. If you don’t follow her on Instagram, you should. She blows my mind daily, and I’m honored she chose to link up at Found & Foraged.

If I had to pick a theme for tonight’s features, I guess it would be “painted whimsy”. The projects I chose were mostly hand painted fun. I have to say, each one of you shared amazing projects and made it really difficult to chose only a small handful. I’m so very thankful that you share your creativity with me, and I can’t wait to see what you bring to the table this evening. And with that, let’s get this party started, shall we?


Meadering Mari by Mari Orr   ///   Inspired By Roses

Painted Whimsy - Meandering Mari by Mari Orr


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Found & Foraged Linky Party #20

Woah you guys! 20 weeks of Found & Foraged! I know in like a year I’ll probably giggle at my amazement, but seriously, 20 weeks! That’s 5 months! How cool is that? I have to thank each and every one of you for making this a community to share and explore each other’s work. I’ve met so many new bloggers and discovered so many amazing projects and recipes. BTDubs, I’m still eating the Cheesy Taco Skillet. Bahahaha. We might need an intervention. It’s become my Saturday night party meal. Or maybe I just have a thing with food right now because tonight’s features seem to have a theme of yummy recipes.

Did you all have a good week? I had kind of an adventure last Saturday night. If you’ve been here before, you all know we’ve had the plague in and out of my house for a couple months now. I thought it was gone, but nope. It came back last Saturday night with Little Maus. Ended up at the ER during the linky party, and I have to send a big thank you to all of you who commented. Each one of you put a huge smile on my face that night. And in case you’re concerned, it was nothing to worry about. Just a nasty virus with a nasty fever. Little Maus is back to her sassy, stinker self as of last Wednesday night and cranked to eleven.

Last week I posted The Girl On The Train discussion page for the House Of Hipsters’ book club. If you’ve read the book, want to read the book, or are in the process of reading the book, I invite you to join in the discussion in the comments section at any time. We’d love to have you. It’s no pressure and no obligation…come and go as you wish. And I announced that the next book is All The Light We Cannot See in case you missed it. I also posted my second style post! EEP! Those fashion posts make this old lady really self conscious, but they are still fun. Oh! And I also am co-hosting this rad giveaway with a bunch of bloggers to celebrate Table + Hearth’s 1 year blogiversary. Be sure to enter to win because it’s a good one! We are giving away a $300 Pottery Barn eGift Card! Anyhoo, shall we get to some features?

F E A T U R E S 

francois et moi   ///   Mudcloth Planters DIY

Mudcloth Planter DIY


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Found & Foraged Linky Party #19

So remember last week when I said I was noshing on the Cheesy Taco Skillet? Yep, that is still happening. This recipe is the shizzzz…pardon my language, but there’s nothing else like it. The Boy keeps begging me to make it, and we’ve had it 3 times in the last 2 weeks. We’ve had it over rice, wrapped in a tortilla, slathered in sour cream, with avocado and extra salsa because that’s just how we roll sometimes. If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to, it’s necessary. Tell Courtney I sent ya.

Last week I shared with you some styling inspiration concerning a certain credenza or two that I’ve been playing with here at the house. And yes, I’m still shuffling things around but things getting closer. And I also shared with you a few choice blogs that I like to read on my daily train ride into the city. And oh! One REALLY cool thing happened to me this week; I was featured on It’s A Beautiful Mess’s Instagram. I was doing the Snoopy dance all day long.

Unlike the last couple weeks, this week I don’t really have a theme. Maybe a bit DIY heavy? One caught my eye on Poppytalk. One was a good reminder. One made me actually lick my monitor (kidding…or am I?). One is super cool and two are makeover geniusness. Is that a word? Spell check is yelling at me, but just I’m going with it. Anyhoo, I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for me this week. Let’s link it up!

F E A T U R E S 

Nur-Noch   ///   DIY Globetrotter Cabinet

DIY Globetrotting Cabinet



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Found & Foraged Link Party #18

Welcome back to another night of Found & Foraged party fun! Like last week, I found myself returning to a theme with your projects. This week some amazing DIY spring wreaths were linked up. Don’t get me wrong, everything was so great…like this Cheesy Taco Skillet deliciousness that I’m presently noshing on. You made it very difficult to pick and choose. Just stop being awesome already, okay? Seriously. Just an FYI, my navigation is a bit funky right now. I’m having a programmer working on it…fingers crossed it’ll be fixed soon!

Before we party, I always like to give a little recap of me week. I went to see For The Record: Dear John Hughes. It was a musical mash up of all his teenage angst movies. I soaked up every bit of the awesomeness and reminisced of days long ago. I also couldn’t take my eyes off Rumer Willis. I must say, when the show finished, my girlfriend stood up and said, “Is it just me, or does Rumer Willis have the best butt ever? I couldn’t stop staring at it!” ERMERGERD! I felt the same way! It was mesmerizing! You’d tell yourself to stop looking at it, and 2 minutes later, nope, there it was again. I told my trainer the following day that I will do whatever it takes to get her assets. He proceeded to have me push a large 150+ pound box back and forth across a gym floor in front of the women’s Rutgers basketball team (they were in town for the Big 10 Championship). Slightly embarrassing…there were snickers, but completely worth it.

Other then Rumer Willis’ perky fanny, I finally revealed my living room in another I Make Emily Henderson Cry post. I’m slightly hard on myself, but I write in jest. I’m actually thrill with my “good enough” post. I also posted my childhood favorite soup recipe, Vegetable Cheese Chowder. My mother would make it on cold winter nights. It’s one of those comfort foods I can’t live without. In fact, I usually just want to swim around in a vat of it! But I won’t, cuz that’s kinda gross. Anyhoo, with that being said, let’s party!

 F E A T U R E S

Brave New Home   ///   Marimekko Inspired Spring Wreath

Marrimeko Inspired Floral Spring Wreath



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Found & Foraged Linky Party #17

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been trying up up my Instagram game. If you follow my feed, you’ll know I try to post something creative every morning. Definitely challenging and not the easiest thing to do. But I love getting my camera out on the daily and just shooting whatever inspires me. Be it store bought cookies on a plate or a new pair of kicks. It’s fun and creative. Why am I tell you this on Found & Foraged night? Well, a lot of you linked up your own Instagram posts last week! By the end of this post you’ll know everything you need to know about Instagram hashtag challenges and who to follow.

Before we get into it though, I always like to recap my week a bit. Let you know what I’ve been up to. Since I’ve been shopping for my master bedroom, I posted a few of my Wants + Wishes. If you want to see what I’ve been pining away for, check it out. And I also wrote my very first style post. It was so much fun and you guys gave me such wonderful feedback. I’m so grateful. Thank you for being kind…I’ll admit to being a bit nervous.

I also went to see Dear John Hughes last Thursday. If you’re in Chicago, I highly suggest buying tickets. It was such a fun show. Since John Hughes was so influential on my teen years, I’m actually thinking about posting a little bit more about it next week. I’m also still working on that “I Make Emily Henderson Cry” post. It’s going to be a good one. Promise.

One more thing, I know I asked if a Saturday night linky party worked in your schedules. Everyone who answered, answered yes! Majority rules, Saturday nights are here to stay baby! With that being said, Let’s see some features and link it up!

F  E  A  T  U  R  E  S

Avery Street Design   ///   Instagram Hashtag Challenges

DISCLAIMER: Most of you already know Laura from Avery Street, but did you know she is like Instagram royalty? If you didn’t, check out her feed. I’m not trying to give her special treatment because she is one of my blogging besties. I’m simply featuring this because it is one of THE most informational posts on Instagram that you will ever read. If you’re looking to up your game, read this and get familiar with the hashtags she listed (there are more in the comment section). And also be sure to check out the Instagram hashtag challenge Laura, Grace and I run #foundforaged.

A Tutorial for Instagram Hashtags



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