getting bigger everyday

my babies

Oh these two. Everyday there seems to be something new…it’s maybe not as noticeable with the dude, but it is very evident with little maus

Things little maus says:

I see ’em!
I find ’em!
I have ooper’s deer, deer is awesome!
I need help
I unna tookie
I atch awpatrol
Watch out! Watch out!
I gotcha
I a dinosaur! Raaahhhh!
Manos Chachos (That’s maus for “adios muchachos”)

Things the dude says:

Mommy, do you have both of your hands on the steering wheel?
Why did that guy honk at you?
Did you know that luke skywalker is [insert something here]
Darth vader is a warrior and he fights knights
My mom gets so mad when i don’t obey
Can we play a video game tonight?
Are you driving on the grass? you aren’t suppose to drive on the grass.
I’m going to throw you in jail

happy friday!

While the kids were at school I did useless cleaning. Do you know what I’m talking about? The kind you know will get messed up in about 2 point 5 seconds? Ya, I did that sort of cleaning today in the playroom. It’s that one room I try to keep clean, but everyday seems to be an epic fail. So, before it gets completely destroyed in 3 hours, I took some pictures of it to remind myself how nice it can really look.

a kid's playroom with adult style

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