Have You Seen Now House?

You wanna know what happens when Jonathan Adler and Amazon partner up? Incredibly beautiful, chic, modern home decor with Prime Shipping, that’s what! Meet the Now House collection. Hello lover! Hey Alexa, please ship one of everything, m’kay? BTDubs, it’s fresh AF and completely affordable. Here are a few pieces I could definitely get behind.

Jonathan Adler Now House Collection with Amazon


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15 Planners For 2015

I don’t know about you guys, but for me, buying a planner is a big damn deal. There are certain things I that are must haves. View by month section and view by week section with a break out of days and hours. Added bonus for “to-do lists” and a notes section. A big plus if there’s a pocket included. I like my planners to be fun. A little spunky, kinda like me. So today I’ve gathered up my favorite planners for 2015.

The Larger monthly Planner by Poketo



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