Furbish Studio Home Decor

Some say you can’t buy good taste, but Furbish Studio is here to change all that. As the mecca for trendsetters, Furbish Studio carefully curates eclectic treasures for your home decor needs. I was recently poking around for some woven baskets adorned with colorful pom poms by California artist Eliza Gran. Boom! There they were. And although they are presently sold out, I’m on the list to be notified when back in stock. (I thought one would look super cute in Little Maus’s room.)

Furbish Studio Pom Pom Baskets



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Design Crush: Decorating With Rattan

While perusing Chairish’s outdoor furniture selection, I stumbled upon this fancy rattan chair. The Boy had just okayed purchasing patio furniture, so the search was on. I made an offer to the seller that was soon accepted and made an appointment to pick it up. I drove a hour, walked inside his home and my heart skipped a beat, then quickly sunk. Here was quite possibly the prettiest rattan chair I’ve ever seen. There was no way in H-E-double hockey sticks this chair would be sitting outside on my patio. But what to do with it??? I had already committed to purchasing. As you all know, I kinda have a love affair with chairs. An addiction one might call it…or at least that is what The Boy calls it…and decorating with rattan was never really my thing. I mean, I did have a Franco Albini ottoman, but that was it. How would this boho rattan look with my mid-century modern clean lines. Well, I was about to find out.

Decorating with Rattan


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