Cocktail Recipe – Wild Indie Mule – Moscow Mule Twist

I suddenly realized that I haven’t shared any of my favorite boozy beverages with you guys! What kind of friend am I?!?! To make it up to you, today I’m going to share my most favorite of them all because I am the self proclaimed cocktail recipe queen. The Wild Indie Mule which is a fun twist on the Moscow Mule. And I must be honest, I finally perfected this fun little number from a restaurant we like to frequent. It pays to make friends with the bartender at The Saddle Room.

Cocktail Recipe. A fun take on the Moscow Mule. This fun libation is called a Wild Indie Mule . Since it uses a cordial called HUM, it has a botanical taste. Amazing and delicious for any cocktail party signature drink or happy hour fun. Garnish with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint. A splash of ginger beer or ginger syrup gives it that Moscow Mule kick.

I had a plan to get this scrumptious cocktail in before the end of August, but I blinked, and now it’s mid September. Oh summer, where did you go? But, let’s be honest. Does it have to be 90° to have a cold beverage on the patio? Ummmm. No. Not. At. All. In fact, these are so tasty, I’d gladly have 2 in a polar vortex…ok, I’m totally lying here. No one likes a polar vortex…but you know what I mean.


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