Beautiful Distractions No. 4

Dear diary, it’s been over a week since my last blog post…ahhh! You guys! I’m so sorry. And I was smashing that post once a week New Year’s Resolution. The job that pays the bills came down on me hard with a crazy deadline for a new client website. Everything needed to be designed and coded in a matter of days for a presentation. And darn it, it broke my streak. But, after pulling a few all-nighters and a couple glasses of wine, I’m back baby and ready to share whats been distracting me lately.

Beautiful Distractions No. 4 - Rebecca Atwood Navy Marble Wallpaper


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Beautiful Distractions No. 2

Nothing like some mid-week distractions to really pass the day away. Am I right? Every morning and evening I’m perusing Pinterest, reading blog posts, scanning new catalog and magazine arrivals and oooohing and aaaahing over pretty things. Sometimes I share them on Snapchat (like my spa night last Saturday or my blunders in self tanning), but most of the time, you never get to hear what I’m really loving right now…this very instant. That’s what Beautiful Distractions is all about.

Beautiful Distractions by House Of Hipsters


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Beautiful Distractions No. 1

A new series coming at cha called Beautiful Distractions. What on earth does that mean you ask? Well, simply put, interesting and rad links, articles and home decor that has recently caught my attention. I’m an online shopping whore (Ya, I said it. Sad but true, and please pardon my french), so I’m constantly browsing the interwebs for the next best thing.

Beautiful Distractions. Currently Crushing and Coveting. Everything I've loved this week. Pink depression glassware from Salt House Market and The Hood Internet. Click through for more fun links on the blog.


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