Cyber Monday Sale Favorites

Today is the day the internet breaks. That’s right, it’s Cyber Monday, and boy there are some serious sales. If you missed my Black Friday picks, don’t fret, I’m back with deals, deals, and more deals…and BTDubs, pretty much everything from that post is still on sale!

Parisian Bar Cart - Cyber Monday SaleLoving this cutie bar cart…and those glasses on the bottom shelf…yes please!

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Black Friday Sales Are Here!

Call me a horrible person, but when it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I get slightly self-centered and shop for myself. Yes, I know I should be shopping for Christmas gifts, but wahhhhhh it’s the best sales of the year and heck if Imma let that lamp that cost too much allude me one more year! Ha! come to momma! Here are some of my favorites and a heads up on some killer sales!

Serena & Lily — 25% off 

Alice Lane Home — 20% off 

Amber Interiors Shoppe — 20% off 

Shopbop — up to 25% off

Black Friday Wish List


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Holiday Gift Guide For The Home Decor Lover

Welcome to the ultimate holiday gift guide for the home decor lover!!!! Are you friends with a home decor lover and have no clue what to buy? Did you pull the home decor lover’s name for Secret Santa? Or maybe you just love home decor like me and want to treat yourself. It’s okay, I do that too. I’ve rounded up my hands down ultimate favorites and every vase, blanket, candle, coaster, and bowl in this holiday gift guide is on my wish list too.

Holiday Gift Guide For The Home Decor Lover

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The Real Guide To The Best Faux Plants

Plants silently scream when I near them. In fact, the other weekend I was at a baby shower and the mother of the dad to be really wanted me to take home a begonia centerpiece…I think I saw it shutter. I politely declined, explaining that plants and I…especially plants that needed to be replanted and cared for just weren’t my jam. With good intentions, I adopt them, place them outside and proceed to slowly kill them. So now, I decorate with faux plants. The only maintenance that needs to be done is a little dust off here and there. Time and time again I’m asked where I find my little greenies, so today I decided to create an epic roundup of the best faux plants for home decor.

The Real Guide the The Best Faux PlantsImage Via Urban Outfitters


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