Instagram Hashtags You Need To Know

Recently, I’ve discovered bunch of newly hatched Instagram hashtags, and let me tell you, these suckas are a sight to see. Communities that are blossoming exploding in front of my eyes. Beautious captures being tagged right and left. Growing. It’s been so cool watching bloggers, Instagrammers, designers, and friends supporting each other. Most have never met in person. Lifting each other up. Promoting one another. The Internet is truly an amazing thing.

Instagram hashtags you need to know


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New Instagram Photos

After uploading my latest shot to Instagram, it occurred to me that my readers may not follow me on IG. Therefore you guys may never see the photos I share on Instagram. If you do, I’m telling you right now, I forgive you for boring you with outdated material. Six months ago, a good portion of the photos I uploaded were from the blog and promoting certain posts. Since Thanksgiving, I’ve tried to curate my feed a bit more, not waste my reader’s time with silliness and be a bit more artistic with what I’m sharing.

I’m also one of three moderators for #foundforaged so I figured I best step it up! If you haven’t heard of this hashtag, please go check it out. It’s an absolutely beautiful board that I’m just so proud to be a part of. We welcome anyone to participate. Just tag anything you’ve found, foraged, DIYd, crafted, created, curbside picked, thrifted, estate saled…the possibilities are endless. The only thing we ask is that you put a bit of effort into the styling.

House Of Hipsters Instagram Feed Imagery



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I think I need to start off here with yes, these are just awful photos, but bear with me here. It gets much prettier to look at =)

Instagram has been on my mind as of late. I joined WAAAAAY back in March 2011 and had a shtick. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of my feed, you can see it for yourself. Quiet embarrassing. My first comment is usually really obscure, and because my account was private and I only had like 12 followers it was really just something for myself. So what on earth was I commenting about? Well I constantly have my headphones streaming music into my ears. It was the title of the song I was listening to. I told you it was weird and obscure. I was also BIG into filters. Filters that kinda make me cringe these days.

House Of Hipsters Instagram

The comment here was “Excuses” a song by The Morning Benders

House Of Hipsters Instagram

The comment here was “A-Punk” a song by Vampire Weekend

I can’t believe I’m revisiting these shots and sharing them with you! Man oh man! I took them with the original 1st generation iPhone that had such a scratched up camera lens. And then to add that scratchy texture on top of it and darken it, AND I added those awful frames. What on earth was I thinking? I soon got sick of the whole song title idea, so I changed it up. Besides my 12 followers slash friends were like WTH Kyla??? Since it was a private account, I just posted pictures of my everyday life, and it stayed this way for a really long time. I only used IG once in a blue moon.


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getting bigger everyday

my babies

Oh these two. Everyday there seems to be something new…it’s maybe not as noticeable with the dude, but it is very evident with little maus

Things little maus says:

I see ’em!
I find ’em!
I have ooper’s deer, deer is awesome!
I need help
I unna tookie
I atch awpatrol
Watch out! Watch out!
I gotcha
I a dinosaur! Raaahhhh!
Manos Chachos (That’s maus for “adios muchachos”)

Things the dude says:

Mommy, do you have both of your hands on the steering wheel?
Why did that guy honk at you?
Did you know that luke skywalker is [insert something here]
Darth vader is a warrior and he fights knights
My mom gets so mad when i don’t obey
Can we play a video game tonight?
Are you driving on the grass? you aren’t suppose to drive on the grass.
I’m going to throw you in jail

10 Perfect Coffee Table Books

If you’ve been reading House of Hipsters, you know I love to style with a stack of books (usually topped with a small object or vase). As of late, I’ve been styling the house like a mad woman, and I’m running low on reading material. Good heavens, what’s a girl to do? Ummmmmm, ya, go shop for books, duh! And that is exactly what I’ve been doing. I have a few interior design books I’ve been yearning for, but I also like to shake things up. I like topics that reflect the house’s personality (and the people that live there).

10 perfect coffee table books

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