Jayson Home & garden went to Camp

As I mentally get ready for my adventure to Camp Wandawega, I can’t help but to leaf through every page of the new fall catalog from Jayson Home and Garden that just arrived on my doorstep. That probably seems like a disconnect, but it’s SOOOOOO not. You see, the fall line up was shot at Camp Wandawega. EEEK! It’s like playing Where’s Waldo in every vignette.

Anyone who steps into my home will notice immediately I’m all about mixing the old with new. And that is exactly what the creative geniuses over at Jayson Home and Garden did on set with their Fall collection. The juxtaposition of rugged mixed with luxe creates this rich atmosphere that still captures every essence of casual. An elegant blue linen chair sits in front of an Army tent. Really? YES! Charming! YES! Startling? A bit. Attention grabbing? YES! Does it make me want to buy that chair…OMG, YES! YES! and YES!

Jayson Home and Garden Fall Catalog 2014

Just so you know, that is the same tent that Michael Cera is sitting in front of in this picture! Yes, I will forever have a small spot in my heart for George-Michael Blume, the man from Canada and star who stole my heart in Juno. I heart you Michael Cera. More after the jump…

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getting bigger everyday

my babies

Oh these two. Everyday there seems to be something new…it’s maybe not as noticeable with the dude, but it is very evident with little maus

Things little maus says:

I see ’em!
I find ’em!
I have ooper’s deer, deer is awesome!
I need help
I unna tookie
I atch awpatrol
Watch out! Watch out!
I gotcha
I a dinosaur! Raaahhhh!
Manos Chachos (That’s maus for “adios muchachos”)

Things the dude says:

Mommy, do you have both of your hands on the steering wheel?
Why did that guy honk at you?
Did you know that luke skywalker is [insert something here]
Darth vader is a warrior and he fights knights
My mom gets so mad when i don’t obey
Can we play a video game tonight?
Are you driving on the grass? you aren’t suppose to drive on the grass.
I’m going to throw you in jail

Happy Rex Manning Day!

So today I have been sitting here staring at a blank screen wondering what in the heck I’m going to write about. I had absolutely no clue until I started to weed my way through all the bucket challenges and first day of school pictures on Facebook. Procrastination at its best. Ya, no, you will not see me dumping ice cold water on my head…sorry guys, it’s just not going to happen. BUT, what I did find was this link to Buzzfeed. Empire Records. Yep, one of my most favoritest movies on the planet. Right up there with The Grand Budapest Hotel, Moonrise Kingdom, Clerks and Amelie. Top 5 folks. A cult classic that I can recite from beginning to end. Do you have one of those movies?



Back in 1995, I wanted to be every single character (well, maybe not Rex Manning). Seriously though, they were all so cool! I wanted to paint like A.J. I wanted to be pretty like Gina. I wanted to look like Corey in a tartan mini and doc martins. I wanted to eat brownies and watch Gwar with Mark and listen to his band Marc with a “c” because he was always playing with their minds. I wanted to date Lucas so I could wear his leather jacket when I was cold and take a ride on the back of his motorcycle. I wanted to shave my head like Deb…well, I kinda had already done that part.  I wanted to work in a record store for the remainder of my years and Joe would be my super awesome boss. I’d work a shift on the floor, listening to my favorite songs that made me feel cool and indie, only later to hang out with my BFFs on the couch Lucas was banished to. That would be only the best job ever!



So how did I hear about this charming movie that only grossed $250,000 in its two weeks in release? I mean, it was a complete and utter flop in theaters. I’ll tell ya, it was the song, “A Girl Like You” by Edwin Collins. I was instantly in love. But there was no Shazam back then. No MP3s. No Napster. I hadn’t even heard of email, and my exacts thoughts on this thing they called the World Wide Web was, “Ummm, ya right, like THAT will last.” Anyhoo, I have MTV to thank for this introduction. This was way back when they aired videos instead of episodes of The Real World and Snookie and JWOW. Do you guys remember that or did I just completely age myself?

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my sister died

So I’ve known for a long time that I was going to write this post. In fact, I’ve tried to write it more than once and it ends up sitting in my drafts folder, and sooner or later it gets deleted or lost in the shuffle. Not because it is not important, but rather I’ve been trying to figure out how to share my story with you. After you read this, please don’t feel sorry for me. Ya, it was the suckiest event of my life, but I’ve also have some really awesome things happen as well. Because my sister died I became stronger. It’s made me appreciate life a whole lot more. It’s made me appreciate the people in my life. It’s made me act nicer towards others. It’s reminded me to stay in the moment because tomorrow it may be gone. This is my story.

my sister died suddenly

My sister and I were just like normal sisters. Some days we hated each other and some days we loved each other. We grew up in a really small town in Wisconsin and went to parochial school. It was a very simple childhood. Even though she never wanted to follow in my footsteps, she kinda did. She went to the same college as I, and shortly after graduation she too moved to Chicago. This is about the time we became friends again. We didn’t care for each other much during high school.

She majored in drama and shortly after moving to the city, she and some college buddies started at theatre company. See, it was difficult for unknown actors in a big city. This company was to be a place where college grads from her alma mater could get their feet wet while figuring out the city’s theatre scene. I saw many a play where I wanted to stick hot pokers in my eyes…but there were a few cute ones in the bunch as well. Besides, I didn’t go because I loved theatre, I attended because it supported her. I remember driving her home after one particularly awful play in which she turned to me and said, “Ya, I didn’t expect you to like this one. I’ll have to agree, it was really awful.” I pretty much berated her all the way home and told her she owed me 2 hours of life back for what she just put me through. It was painful.

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